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Open source challenging the incumbents: The video

Open source is all about great people. I made a video to reflect that.

After three straight days of traveling to close my quarter, I needed to unwind tonight. Given that I don't drink or smoke crack, I chose to create a video: "The Challengers of Open Source." Cheesy title, but I had The New Pornographers' song ("Challengers") running through my head and car stereo on the drive home from the airport. So be it.

What is the video "about"? Well, about some of trends guiding open source into more enterprises, but mostly about the great people I know in the open-source (mostly business) community. The best thing about open source is the exceptional crowd with which I get to run.

I know I missed some in this video - I simply couldn't find good photos or, if I did, they inexplicably didn't work in the video when converted (such was the case with Nat Friedman's that I pulled from Facebook).