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Open Source Business Conference update: CIO case studies

OSBC is shaping up to be a killer show. Here's one more reason why.

I just heard from Dan Agronow, chief technology officer for The Weather Channel Interactive, who will be speaking at the Open Source Business Conference next year (March 25-26). He's one of a range of IT executives who will be speaking at the event, sharing best practices and digging into the pros (and cons) of open-source adoption.

His sessionsounds fascinating:

CIO Best Practices: How Uses Open Source Software to Deliver a Highly Scalable and Cost Effective Website needs to be able to give end-users a consistent fast response time even during severe weather events like hurricanes when traffic can quadruple. However, the business requires a laser like focus on profitability and this means must have a cost effective infrastructure that provides scalability at the optimum point on the price / performance curve. Learn about the transformation that has made a cost effective, highly scalable success.

As a result of participating in this session, attendees will be able to:

  • Evaluate open source software alternatives to reduce cost;
  • Weigh commodity hardware pros & cons;
  • Create win-win competition with vendors; and
  • Appreciate the crucial element - the right staff.

OSBC will also have speakers from Electronic Arts, New York Times, CBS Interactive, Kaplan, Asurion, Los Angeles Times, and many others. It promises to provide excellent data on open-source adoption...from the mouths of the CIOs and CTOs actually doing the implementations.