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Open Season with Marc Fleury: Who should acquire Red Hat?

Who should buy Red Hat? That's one of the main questions answered on The Register's sixth installment of Open Season.

Another week, another healthy dose of Open Season, this time with Marc Fleury, founder of JBoss. What you miss is the joy (I mean that - I have four kids and love the sound of irrational exuberance) of hearing Marc's kids run around and beat up on their father. It was hilarious, but not super productive for the show, so Marc eventually hid in his office and the recording resumed.

Marc gave a highly pragmatic view on open-source revenue models, Red Hat's future, and whether open source will be manna from heaven to feed the masses.

Of particular note was Red Hat's future. Can the company survive on its own? If so, who does it buy to compete with the big boys? If not, who gets Red Hat first - Oracle or IBM?

The show, as usual, touches on a number of other subjects besides this middleware cruft. There's talk of Microsoft infiltrating the Nigerian government, VMware's take on open source code and the need for some serious open source talent.

Listen in and enjoy! (And yes, on the podcast you'll notice that for a minute there, I lost myself. I lost myself.