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Open Season Episode 7: Novell, Red Hat, Facebook, Gartner, and Sun (Let the splatterfest begin)

Another healthy dose of smackdown.

I'm trying to be a more neutral observer of Novell's place in the open-source market, but my colleagues on The Register's Open Season podcast (Episode 7) have no such commitment. Novell, Red Hat, Sun, Gartner and Facebook all get swatted around for an hour, though I'm determined to believe I kept above the fray. For a few seconds, anyway.

If anything, I blame Arsenal for my poor attitude. They had just tied Newcastle. I can't be held responsible for when I speak under the influence of Arsenal disappointment.

Enjoy the show. It's fun to record (With Ashlee from The Register and Dave Rosenberg from MuleSource and CNET, how could it be otherwise?) and I hope occasionally enlightening. This time perhaps particularly so because the world's best PR man, Lonn Johnston, joined us and helped us wade through the intricacies of making black white and white black.

This particular show was like Flight of the Conchords at its best. Minus the Kiwis. And the music. And the witty lyrics. Though Dave was profane at times. So it was kind of the same.