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Open Market stocks up on deals

Open Market signed up five businesses to use its tools for electronic commerce.

Seeking to become a powerhouse in electronic commerce software, Open Market announced today that it has signed up five additional businesses to use its tools in future Web-based applications.

The five companies--BBN Planet, British Telecom, MCI Communications, Canada's iStar Internet, and Toronto Dominion Bank--will use Open Market's OM-Transact and OM-Secure software to enable new and existing services for use on the Web.

BBN, British Telecom, MCI, and iStar will use the tools to add electronic commerce to their existing Internet access services. Toronto Dominion plans to make electronic shopping services, based on Open Market's software, available to its customers.

First Union National Bank and UUNet Technologies' European arm, Pipex, have already announced deals to use Open Market's tools in future applications.