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Open Horizon offers instant Java

Its Java-based Ambrosia 1.1 tool for building Internet business applications will be showcased at the JavaOne conference.

Open Horizon's Java-based Ambrosia 1.1 tool for creating Internet-based business applications is now available, the company will announce at the JavaOne conference this week.

Ambrosia is an "event management system" that helps Java developers eliminate complex infrastructure coding. It automatically provides guaranteed messaging, comprehensive security, and transactional capabilities.

Ambrosia helps manage business events such as hiring an employee or making a sale without depending on a database management system for network services.

Ambrosia includes a client application programming interface that can be integrated into applications, a message broker for routing messages on specific subjects to appropriate applications, and a centralized, browser-based administration console.

Plug-in options, due by October, will add management services such as load balancing, database connectivity, and various security services.

Ambrosia 1.1. client classes run on any Java Virtual Machine. Ambrosia message broker and plug-in options are certified to run on Windows NT 4.0 and 3.51, with certification for Sun Solaris expected soon. Client applications are certified for Sun Microsystems' Java development kit version 1.0.2 and Symantec Cafe.

Ambrosia is available for an introductory price of $5,995, which includes one year of support. Trial users can download Ambrosia from Open Horizon's Web site.