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I tried to open a can of beans with nothing but a spoon

A viral life hack gets put to the test with a hands-on experiment involving a can of garbanzo beans and a spoon.

Take that, can!

Amanda Kooser/CNET

Few food-related situations cause as much anxiety as either forgetting a wine opener or having a can, but no can opener. YouTube channel DaveHax has you covered when it comes to cans.

A viral video posted last week demonstrates how to bust open the top of a can with nothing but a spoon.

The basic technique combines the finesse of rubbing the spoon along the top of the can near the lip with the brute force of pressure.

I have to try this for myself. I pull a spoon from the drawer, get a good grip and apply it to the top of a can of garbanzo beans. The video made it look easy, but my garbanzo-bean can is fighting back. I make a dent. My hand is screaming at me. I haven't breached the barricade yet.

You will not defeat me, garbanzo can! The power of life hacks compels you to open! I hear a hiss. I get nervous and put on a work glove to protect my hand as I move into the phase of expanding the opening. This is hard going, but I make it.

Here I am wearing a gardening glove, staring at a jagged can-hole with garbanzos swimming in bean juice below and contemplating the life decisions that brought me to this moment. My fingers are sore, but I am triumphant.

I learned an important lesson today: always have a can opener handy. If you do try this at home, I highly recommend a glove. That metal is scary.

The can/spoon hack is not a new one. Other videos on YouTube detail similar exploits. What's different about this video is how it racked up nearly 1 million views within a few days of going live. The internet loves an unlikely hero. All hail the mighty spoon.