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Oosah launches widget production for social networks

New widget platform lets you create your own widgets out of all the content it can access on your favorite social networks.

Oosah, a company that offers Web 2.0 hosting solutions, announced Thursday that it has launched a new widget design tool that will allow any user to easily create customizable and embeddable rich-media widgets with images, videos, and status updates from popular social-networking platforms, Twitter, YouTube, Craigslist, MySpace, and Flickr.

"Consumers are increasingly using the Internet as their platform of choice for viewing and sharing media with their families, friends, business associates, and customers," said Dan Khasis, Oosah co-founder and chief technical officer. "We felt that what was needed now was a way to make it simpler for users to collect and share content from popular Web sites. Our new Oosahs capability addresses this need."

Regardless of whether users sign up for an Oosah account, they can create and share their content from their favorite sites through a single widget. According to the company, that widget can be embedded in any site and can even be linked to or shared through a unique link or by e-mailing it to others.

To create the widget, users need to follow three steps. First, they need to select a site to aggregate content from and choose the type of content it is. In other words, if the users are pulling the gallery of pictures from Twitter followers, they can assign that to the "Media Gallery" designation and the widget will respond by preparing the widget to display images. Finally, users can pick a feed they want the widget to work with and personalize the Oosah widgets by selecting a color scheme.

Although creating widgets doesn't require an Oosah account, the company did say that Oosah members will be able to create widgets with all the pictures, videos, and music already being hosted in a user's personal Oosah account.