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Ooma CEO demos VoIP device quality (podcast)

Eric Stang speaks with Larry Magid about (and via) the Ooma telephony service he runs, which now offers a $49.99 Wi-Fi adapter.

Ooma Tel with optional Wi-Fi adapter

As David Carnoy recently posted, voice over Internet Protocol company Ooma is now offering a $49.99 Wi-Fi adapter that enables users to place the required Telo base station anywhere within Wi-Fi range.

Ooma CEO Eric Stang Ooma

I had a chance to test the system in my house, and it works fine, even though it's a few rooms away from my wireless router. Installation requires temporarily connecting the Telo to an Ethernet port of a computer to configure your Wi-Fi settings.

Listen to a call
To learn more and to demonstrate the voice quality of Ooma service, I called Ooma CEO Eric Stang using my Ooma line, which is connected to an audio mixer that is, in turn, connected to my PC so I could record the call. In this audio recording, my voice is not going through the phone line--I'm speaking directly into a microphone--but Stang's is.

Stang said the call quality would have been better, had I been on an Ooma cordless handset, which offers some extra audio enhancements but, as you'll hear, it still sounds pretty good. As with any VoIP service, the actual quality of the call depends, in part, on the quality of your Internet connection.

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