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Onyx acquires $4 million design tool

CRM software maker Onyx has bought tech assets from Visuale in a deal for cash and stock that will make Onyx's programs easier to customize.

Onyx Software, a maker of customer relationship management systems, has acquired technology assets from Visuale in Los Gatos, Calif., that will make its software programs easier to customize and modify, the company said on Wednesday. Onyx has agreed to pay $4 million in cash and stock over the next four years for the company's assets and will hire some of Visuale's staff.

Onyx, based in Bellevue, Wash., also announced that it booked $13.8 million in revenue during the quarter ended March 31, an increase over previous quarter. It expects revenue to continue climbing in the current quarter. Excluding restructuring and other special charges, the company said it broke even in the March quarter.