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'Onward Kasich': Ted Cruz exit rallies tweets, memes

The Republican candidate drops out of the presidential race and the Internet drops into comedy mode.

Following a loss in the Indiana primary Tuesday, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz announced that he's dropping out of the presidential race, all but handing the Republican nomination to Donald Trump.

Cruz's political supporters aren't the only people mourning the end of Cruz's presidential bid. Those who make memes on social-networking sites must also be sad to see the senator end his campaign. Cruz, after all, provided some of the most popular and hilarious fodder out of the entire election cycle. There was, for example, his supposed eerie resemblance to a sketch of the Zodiac Killer and that awkward, on-camera kiss he tried to share with his daughter.

Since Cruz has given the Internet's trendsetters some of the ripest material of this election cycle, the Internet couldn't resist saying goodbye to him with one last round of amusing quips and memes in the wake of his concession speech.