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Only a true techie has a Christmas tree like this

Somehow, tree ornaments are all the same. So what did Zach Burhop do? Created 3D printed ornaments and a custom-made star. And, well, it's quite wild.

Can you beat that? Zach Burhop/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matysczyk/CNET

Techies build things.

That's what they always say at least. Even if the truth is that sometimes what they build is their own egos up to Eiffel Tower proportions.

Zach Burhop, though, is a little different. It struck him one day that Christmas tree ornaments are all the same. Wasn't it time for a little disruption?

So here is your Arduino-powered Christmas tree with 3D printed ornaments.

In an interview on the Solidoodle Web site, Burhop explained that Christmas Day is special.

"My birthday is Christmas Day," he said.

So the aerospace engineer and industrial designer thought he'd use his own talents to make his own special tree.

It's white, you'll notice. This serves as an interesting backdrop for ornaments such as the Superman logo.

Burhop's used the Solidoodle 3D printer to make something that every visitor will surely marvel at.

I can't imagine, though, that he's alone in dedicating his engineering skills to create a tree that no neighbor can rival.

So I fully expect CNET readers to reveal and boast of their own creations, ones that will make Christmas seem like a fantasy.