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Online shifts for Windows

Developer's kit is set to link Windows Live ID to "rich client" apps. Also: Meet the new Messenger.

Developer's kit is set to link Windows Live ID to "rich client" apps. Also: Meet the new Messenger.

Microsoft livens up instant messaging

The upgrade to MSN Messenger is the first core application in Microsoft's new Windows Live line to be launched publicly.
June 19, 2006

Windows Live Messenger beta

review The live file-sharing capabilities and clear video call quality make Windows Live Messenger stand out.
June 19, 2006

Microsoft to embed Live services in Windows

The company preps a developer's kit to link Windows Live ID to "rich client" Windows applications.
June 19, 2006

Looking beyond Gates for new ideas

The company is developing an internal technology that will let more of its employees have a say in the company's technical direction.
June 19, 2006

The end of the Gates era

special report Microsoft and Bill Gates have long been nearly synonymous. That's about to change, as he looks to 2008 as the end of his day-to-day involvement.
June 16, 2006

Bob Muglia takes on services, Google

newsmakers Chief of Microsoft's server and tools talks about new services, building OSes and dealing with the Justice Department.
June 15, 2006

Microsoft details Windows Live 'platform'

Software giant bets advertising, Microsoft-hosted services will motivate developers to write consumer Web applications.
Photos: The view from TechEd
June 13, 2006

At TechEd, Microsoft gets down to business

roundup At its TechEd 2006 conference, the software giant tells how its online services initiative pertains to IT professionals and software developers.
June 13, 2006

Stealth test program draws fire

Company has turned Windows users into guinea pigs by sending an unfinished antipiracy tool out as a "high priority" update.
Images: WGA screenshots
June 13, 2006