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Online grapevine likes Google-Napster rumor

Here we go with yet another Google-related post, but, hey, Blogma is just covering what bloggers are covering...


Despite it plans to acquire music download service Napster, the online grapevine continues to be loud and long on the subject.

Perhaps it's a matter of wishful thinking. Some bloggers are ready for competition in a field that seems dominated by iTunes. Or maybe acquiring Napster just seems like a likely next step for Google, particularly in light of an analyst prediction last week that within three to six months.

Blog community response:

"So if anyone can tidy up the Napster UI, take out the bugs, make their servers work and persuade more of those Luddite music companies (if nothing else with pots of money) to put their titles on Napster, well that someone would be Google. If it improves as much as Google Earth, Blogger and Picasa have I'll be a very happy man within a few months. The question is, since Napster is centered around Windows DRM, what would Google do to support all its die-hard Mac and Linux users?"
--The Long Dark Tech-Time of the Soul

"iTunes is certainly not the only option out there, nor are they the best option, but they are tops in the marketing department. What irks me so is that people are accepting this whole marriage of iPod/iTunes. iTunes is fine, but at least let me choose another player. Google will arrive on the scene with all their Googly goodness, not to mention massive marketing capabilities, and consumers will reap the benefits of competition."

"It would be a hard pill for me to swallow if Google starts to sell music subscriptions. Smart people know music subscriptions are just a waste of money and just line the pockets of the music industry. It's not Google-like to be selling these rip off services to their customers."
--Bob Bob on CNET's Talkback