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OnePlus, Google are hosting a trippy-looking puzzle competition

And the winner will get a $30K gaming setup.

OnePlus and Google are hosting a puzzle competition this week, and the winner will get a $30,000 gaming setup. 

The game is called Crackables, and it looks a bit like anime crossed with the '90s CGI cartoon ReBoot. It will be free to play from your phone's browser from Tuesday. Players will complete a series of puzzles to progress toward the grand prize. The puzzles are described as "Android-based crypto-puzzles." That doesn't give us much to go on, but the trailer appears to show a player rotating shapes to solve sample puzzles.

Players will be eliminated as the game progresses, with the first 1,000 people to complete the first three challenges receiving a microcontroller for the final rounds. OnePlus says there are more prizes that haven't yet been announced.

Google Asia-Pacific Zoo team created the game, developed the Crackables concept and used Google's Dialogflow platform to create a virtual chatbot "host." The game was written by creative studio Sleep Deprivation Lab.

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