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OnePlus 3 to launch on June 14

OnePlus will announce the third iteration of its budget-friendly flagship in a couple of weeks.


A rumored image of the anticipated OnePlus 3.

Evan Blass/Twitter

Chinese handset maker OnePlus announced today that it will launch its anticipated OnePlus 3 flagship phone on June 14.

The OnePlus 3 marks the company's third generation of its powerful, yet competitively priced, marquee device. Though OnePlus didn't give out any pricing information, it is expected to cost about the same as last year's OnePlus 2. That's about $330 and £240 unlocked (which converts to approximately AU$460).

Though not much is officially known about the device, we do know that OnePlus is likely to announce the phone over VR (more specifically, in a virtual space station). OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei also said the 3 will look different than its predecessors and feature a "new design."

Lastly, the company is typically known for selling its phones initially through an invite-only system, then opening it up to the general public a few months after launch. However, OnePlus has confirmed that it will not use the invite system for the OnePlus 3 launch.

We'll know more as we get closer to the launch date, but until then, check out CNET's OnePlus 3 rumor roundup for more information.

Editors' Note: This piece has been updated to incorporate OnePlus' confirmation of its launch strategy.