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OnePlus 3 gets UK-only price hike -- and Brexit is to blame

If you've been eyeing the OnePlus 3 for your next phone, now is the time to buy.

The OnePlus 3 will cost an additional £20 from 11 July.

James Martin/CNET

As if the fallout from the EU referendum wasn't stressful and confusing enough for the people of Britain, Brexit is now taking its toll on the price of phones.

Upstart Chinese Android phone manufacturer OnePlus announced on Tuesday that it is putting up the price of its latest device, the OnePlus 3, in the UK. The reason, says OnePlus, is the continued downward trend of the pound against the dollar over the past two years.

"While we've held off action for as long as we can, the sharp drop witnessed in the currency markets following the Brexit decision has forced us to re-evaluate the OnePlus 3's pricing in the UK at a time of significant demand," said staff member David S, posting in the OnePlus forums.

From next Monday, 11 July, the price of the phone will jump from £309 to £329. That £20 might not seem significant, but for many people shopping for mid-range phones it will be at the very least an annoyance.

If you've been eyeing the device for a while, consider this fair warning from OnePlus -- buy now or cough up the extra from Monday. The silver lining is that prices for smartphone accessories and older OnePlus models will not undergo any switcheroos.