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One word for Girl Gamer Magazine: Barf

A promotional magazine from Nintendo reinforces just about every stereotype about girls that we've spent the past five decades trying to dispel. Nice job, guys.

Lousy move, Nintendo. The company's U.K. arm has released a promotional Girl Gamer magazine to pimp its products, which Geeksugar has posted about, and it makes me want to puke up that steak fajita I had for lunch.

Let's see what's on the cover, underneath that ghastly pink masthead: Cooking Mama, Imagine Babies, and a pink DS Lite. Ick. It sure makes a gal want to go wild with the Manhunt 2 machete.

Not to mention the fact that I haven't seen eyeliner that atrocious since Congresswoman Katherine Harris.

Will it hurt Nintendo's business? Will there be mass protests? Of course not; there are a lot worse things a company could do than put out a Pepto Bismol-hued marketing blitz geared toward teenage girls who like "video games." But come on. I don't need to see this sort of thing when I've just eaten.