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One-wheeled motorcycle of the future

The "Embrio Advanced Concept" is kind of like the Segway of motorbikes.


We have no idea what transportation vehicles will look like in 2025 but, if we ventured to guess, the "Embrio Advanced Concept" wouldn't appear anywhere on the list of possibilities. Call us narrow-minded, but we just don't see a one-wheeled motorcycle taking off for the masses.

Designed by Canada-based Bombardier Recreational Products, it sounds something like a mashup of a motorized unicycle and a Segway--for two people, if you can believe that. "The vehicle uses sensors and gyroscopes to balance up to two passengers on a large single wheel whilst driving," according to Newlaunches, allowing the rider(s) to turn by leaning left or right. And given that we're talking about the future, it will run on green hydrogen fuel cells, of course.

Perhaps the most intriguing feature, aside from the fact that it has only one wheel, is a small set of "landing gear" that descends at speeds under 12.5 miles per hour. Frankly, we'd feel safer riding something like the "Hyperbike."