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One-step iPhone jailbreak/unlock tool for iPhone 1.1.4 released

One-step iPhone jailbreak/unlock tool for iPhone 1.1.4 released

ZiPhone 2.5, a new release of the tool that can jailbreak and unlock iPhones through a graphical interface under both Mac OS X and Windows, has been released in an iPhone 1.1.4-compatible edition. This means that any iPhones with any firmware version -- including those that shipped with 1.1.4 out-of-the-box (OTB) can be jailbroken and unlocked. Users who have older firmware versions and wish to use the utility should perform a "restore and update" process in iTunes to bring their iPhones to version 1.1.4, then use one of the ZiPhone routines, including:

  • Just jailbreak, don't touch activation tokens or unlock. You still still need to connect the phone to iTunes to activate (for iPhones used with AT&T or another authorized network)
  • Jailbreak, activate, and unlock any version
  • Jailbreak and activate, but don't unlock

After you've performed any of the aforementioned processes, (a repository and install tool for third-party applications) will be placed on your phone. You should immediately use it to install BSD Subsystem and other tools as mentioned in our guide.

Several iPhone Atlas readers have reported success using this utility. The entire process, including unlocking, takes 5 minutes or less. In the words of one user:

"I can't believe how easy that was."