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One on one: Donald and the Dell Streak

Donald stands in the lab and waxes technical about the Dell Streak. We get it on film.

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What happens when you take a CNET editor, lock him in a room very late on a Friday afternoon and force him to talk about a product he's already reviewed, while you film it? Well, if it was "you" you'd likely be arrested; however, I can get away this...for now. Anyway, I think it would go something like this...

Sure, at this point, you've probably read the review of the new Dell Streak and possibly seen the First Look video. This is however is a less formal look at the gadget, with insightful commentary by moi.

Please tell us what you think of this format in the comments. I'll be sure to have someone killed if you hate it. However, if you're willing to be constructive, let us know how you think it could be improved.

Dell Streak 16GB