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One of the most remote places on Earth finally gets an airport

Getting to the British territory of Saint Helena, the site of Napoleon's exile, no longer requires spending days on a ship.


A Comair 737 passes over Saint Helena's airport on a test flight. Comair is a subsidiary of British Airways.

Saint Helena Airport Project

Forget the Canary Islands, there's a new spot for your Atlantic Ocean holiday. Yesterday, the first airport on the tiny British Overseas Territory of Saint Helena officially opened.

Though South African airline Comair will not begin scheduled passenger service from Johannesburg for several weeks, one of the airline's specially-equipped Boeing 737s made a test flight to the island earlier this week. Other potential passenger routes could stretch to London Gatwick and Cape Town.

Located 1,210 miles (1,950 kilometres) west of Africa in the South Atlantic Ocean, Saint Helena and its population of fewer than 5,000 people was accessible only by the occasional ship from South Africa, a passage that involved several days. French political leader Napoleon Bonaparte was exiled to the island in 1815 and died there in 1821.