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One of the best Nerf blasters you can buy is 55% off today [Update: Sold Out]

If you buy Nerf guns on sale it helps you feel more like an adult, I promise.

Nerf Rival

It's a common misconception that bigger is better in the world of Nerf arsenals. The more expensive rifles and multi-barrel are fun for sure, but if your goal is precision and efficiency the smaller blasters are where it's at. This is especially useful information if you're stocking up for inter-office warfare or stashing secret Nerf weapons in your house so they're easily accessible should you be ambushed by a spouse or kids. If you want to act fast and strike with purpose, one of the more effective paths to victory is this Nerf Rival Roundhouse XX-1500 for only $12.

While it doesn't hold the standard Nerf darts, the Roudhouse XX-1500 can hold three rounds in five different chambers which means it can unload 15 shots before a reload is necessary. The chambers are easy to refill, the pull and squeeze mechanism for firing is a classic. I guess you could buy this for a kid if you really wanted, but adults heading back to the office and anyone who wants to hide a blaster in the kitchen for when an ambush is imminent should seriously consider this discount.