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One more Diitail

We confirm two interesting details about the Nintendo Wii and its mysterious remote

No big announcements stormed the Wii press event at Nintendo World Store in New York today, but I managed to glean answers to two Wiimote questions that gamers have been asking. Speculation has floated around various gaming blogs, but here's the truth, straight from the world of Nintendo:

Fact one: The Wiimote will have rumble. Yes, the remote itself it will have, and not the nunchuck. It wasn't the strongest feedback, but a good vibration could definitely be felt while playing some of the Wii games. Gunfire in Call of Duty 3 had the most noticeable effects, but even simple actions like browsing menus in Wii Sports gave gentle jolts for menu selections.

Fact two: The Wiimote's internal memory can carry Mii data. Specifically, it can keep the identities and Wii Sports stats of at least eight of the little guys. However, 6KB isn't enough for large game saves, and the system's SD card slot will probably do a majority of the saving. Still, the Wiimote's own memory can be used to bring along your own team of Mii's to play Wii Sports and other Mii-oriented games. So far, the only Mii-oriented game we know about is Wii Sports.

That's the new information we have for now. Keep an eye on CNET for our upcoming review of the Nintendo Wii!