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One in three UK iPad owners use it in the bathroom

Obsessive iPad users take their beloved tablet everywhere they go and use it for many different things, according to a new survey. One in three are even using it in the bathroom.

It seems that once you've shelled out a thumping wedge of cash for your iPad, you're pretty keen to use it in as many places as possible and for as many reasons as possible. At least, that's what a recent UK survey suggests, as conducted by Imano.

The survey of some 2,008 British iPad users found they were listening to music and watching all sorts of video content all over the home, in the garden and in the car -- including one in three who admitted using it in the bathroom.

Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) we don't know exactly what they were doing in the bathroom at the time, or whether waterproof/splash proof cases were involved.

While a third of iPad users selfishly kept the tablet to themselves, half let their significant other use it. One-quarter allowed other family members to stroke it, and a brave 29 per cent let their sticky-fingered kids near it. There is no available data on pet usage.

Not surprisingly, well over half of iPad users also own an iPhone. Not only are iPad owners big fans of Apple, but they'd look pretty stupid trying to make calls on a 10-inch tablet. That said, they're not averse to rival phones and tech, including Android and BlackBerry phones, Xbox 360, Wii and PS3 consoles.

The iPad's large screen makes it perfect for video playback and users devour a tonne of YouTube videos and catchup TV such as the BBC iPlayer, followed by iTunes videos, live TV and the Vimeo service.

Nearly all iPad users surf the Web, while a large proportion also use it for email, social networks, reading books, gaming and shopping. Around half even use it for work purposes.

When it comes to improving the iPad, the gripes were fairly evenly spread between upping the battery life, improving the camera, making the whole device lighter, improving the screen resolution and -- perhaps surprisingly -- putting in better speakers. That said, one in ten owners said their iPad was perfect. Aww, bless.

Overall, though, 70 per cent of users said the iPad was "excellent". A quarter even said it was the "best thing in their life" (weirdos) while six per cent said it was okay, but they could live without it. A teeny 0.2 per cent said the iPad was "not that great." Steve Jobs has the addresses of these four individuals.

The survey didn't specify whether the users were iPad or iPad 2 users or a mixture, but either way it seems Apple's tablet is a success. Now if you'll excuse us, we're off to the bathroom to play Angry Birds. We may be some time.