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One-day deal: Get a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7-inch tablet for $29.99

What's the catch? You probably guessed it: you'll have to sign up for a two-year contract with AT&T. Still, are we almost at the point of getting the tablet for free?

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is a powerful 7-inch Android tablet.
The Samsung Galaxy Tab is a powerful 7-inch Android tablet. Samsung

It was just last week that I wrote about the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7-inch tablet with 3G for $249.99. Now, all of a sudden, you can get the same model for $29.99 shipped. Today only.

What's the catch? Actually, there are two. First, this is a refurbished Tab with a 90-day warranty. Second, to get the tablet at that price, you must sign up for a two-year data contract with AT&T.

Now, if you were planning to do that anyway, this is just about the tablet deal of the decade. (Granted, the decade's barely two years old, but still.) It's a stone's throw from "buy the service, and we'll give you the tablet free."

AT&T's only available data plan for the Galaxy Tab runs $35 per month, which includes 3GB of data. Each additional gigabyte will cost you an additional $10.

Personally, I'd rather pay for a mobile hotspot I can use with multiple devices, but that's just me. For example, TruConnect offers a pay-as-you-go Novatel MiFi 2200 that works with up to five devices. And depending on your usage, you'd probably end up spending less than $35 monthly. Just a thought.

I'm a bit surprised AT&T is doing this with refurbished Tabs rather than new ones, but perhaps they're testing the waters on a dirt-cheap tablet option. I mean, think about it: what if you could get, say, an iPad for $99.99, provided you signed up for two years of service? Would you do it?

And never mind that; what about this? Is the allure of a $30 Android tablet (a good one) enough to get you to spring for a service plan? Or would you rather pay more for a Wi-Fi-only model (like, say, the Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet) and BYO 3G? Let me hear your thoughts in the comments.