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One company's progress toward a Mac future

If you look at the industry, it's still a Windows world. But there are signs that Windows' dominance is starting to fade.

I talked a few weeks ago about how Alfresco has gone from Dell to the Mac in the space of one year (and dragged along Zimbra and other Mac-friendly applications to make the process more enjoyable). Two years ago, we had only one Mac (mine). Today, we have a majority of Macs.

Of course, it's one thing to talk about it, and quite another to see it. Here's a picture from this week's management meeting in London:

Alfresco embraces the Mac John Newton

It only takes create many converts. There is simply no credible reason to hold back on adopting the Mac anymore. It's perhaps the best open-source development platform for those who want the power of Unix/Linux with the ease of use of Mac OS X. It runs Windows, if that's your thing.

In that little room I believe we're seeing the future of the desktop. If you don't believe me, check out this little room. It's called a classroom. And it's awash in Macs. Many, many Macs.