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Once Upon a Deadpool's first trailer teases Fred Savage's new scenes

The Wonder Years star isn't exactly thrilled to see Wade.

Once Upon a Deadpool's first trailer went up Monday, giving a brief tease of the PG-13-rated version of Deadpool 2's new sequences.

The filtered version of the movie shows a captured Fred Savage, playing himself, tied to a bed while Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool reads a toned-down version of the story, in a pastiche of The Princess Bride, whose writer William Goldman died last week aged 87.

In addition to the Fred Savage sequences, the trailer shows a few new gags that were not in the original Deadpool 2, including one involving a couple that Deadpool confuses with the characters from Disney's Up.

Once Upon a Deadpool will get a limited release in the US from Dec. 12 through Christmas Eve and in the UK on Dec. 11 only.

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