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Once more, in quintuple time

DoneRight 5-in-1 Digital Kitchen Timer has five timers so you can coordinate all the dishes for your big holiday meal.


Learning to cook is challenging enough, what with ingredients, measurements, and cooking techniques.

But there's something even seasoned chefs struggle with: timing. How do you make sure that all the dishes you're serving during your meal are ready at the time you want to eat them? You don't want your meat to get cold while you wait for your potatoes to roast. You really have to choreograph it to make sure your meal comes together. I usually just set the timer on the microwave and hope for the best.

But if you're someone who needs some help coordinating the timing of your recipes, then this is for you: the DoneRight 5-in-1 Digital Kitchen Timer.

The timer is shaped like a stove/oven unit with five separate timers that correspond to four burners and an oven. When the timer goes off an alarm sounds and a light flashes to alert you. Each timer has three buttons: start/stop, +5, and +1. You add time in increments of 5 minutes and 1 minute, which could get old if you need to cook a dish for 2 hours. (What's that...24 button presses?) It's not too often you have to cook something for 2 hours, though.

The timer is available in red, black, and silver (out of stock at time of writing), and costs $25. This could be a great gift idea for a beginner cook, an experienced chef, or even yourself for your multicourse holiday feasts. Bring on the fat pants!