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On2 updates video codec

On2 Technologies said on Thursday that it has released an updated version of its video compression technology, TrueMotion VP6, with improvements to its speed and quality, after receiving input from customers. Last May, the New York-based company officially launched VP6, a software product that compresses large video files for transport and decoding to a wide range of electronics devices, including set-top boxes, PCs and handheld computers.

The newest VP6 is full-motion video compression and streaming technology that adds better support for multiple platforms, including Intel and Equator; improves speed of "best quality" viewing by about 20 percent; and supports real-time encoding at full D1 resolution, among other new features, according to the company. On2 also said that since October, when it began offering a free version of VP6 for personal use, more than 50,000 people have downloaded the video codec.