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On the Web, latest 'Bourne' trailer goes boom

Anticipation is high for the latest installment in the popular spy-film series, if online reception to a new trailer is any indication.

The 'Bourne Legacy' is scheduled to debut in theaters in August. NBC Universal

The Web is getting re-Bourne today. As in Jason Bourne.

NBC Universal released the trailer for the "Bourne Legacy," the latest installment in the popular "Bourne" film series. Not surprisingly, the film trailer has begun to light up Twitter and is quickly circulating on the Web, even though the movie isn't scheduled hit theaters for another six months.

Who could have guessed that stories about spies and government conspiracies that are well told and acted would strike a chord with the public?

Matt Damon, who has starred in the previous three Bourne films, is not coming back for this movie. A new character is introduced and Jeremy Renner stars. Damon hasn't ruled out returning as Jason Bourne at a later date.

Check out the trailer below.