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On SNL, Neil DeGrasse Tyson fails to get 'Fox And Friends' to see science

The "Cosmos" presenter, played here by Kenan Thompson, attempts to help the "Fox And Friends" presenters grasp the cruder points of climate change. It isn't easy.

Cosmically calm. Saturday Night Live screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

"It's like Billy Dee Williams got his own 'Star Wars' show."

That's how Elizabeth Hasselbeck described the concept of Neil DeGrasse Tyson presenting the "Cosmos" series.

This being "Saturday Night Live," it wasn't the real Hasselbeck. This was one of the stars of "Fox And Friends" being played by Vanessa Bayer.

Still, this version of "Fox And Friends" needed Tyson to help them separate truth from myth when it comes to climate change.

So Tyson, played by Kenan Thompson, patiently and jovially tried to explain. This isn't so easy when Brian Kilmeade (Bobby Moynihan) wants to compliment you on how you chewed up Evander Holyfield's ear.

"It is an indisputable fact that the Earth is getting warmer," explains Tyson.

"Tell that to the polar vortex," counters Fox's Steve Doocy. Kilmeade adds that he saw a documentary about a town that was always cold because of a princess.

Tyson, still serene, offers that we should all want to solve this problem. We don't want the polar bears to become extinct. Doocy insists that the polar bears are fine, wearing sunglasses and drinking Coke.

Tyson defends the basic tenets of science. He says: "Science allows us to detect when people's philosophies are interfering with the dissemination of those essential truths."

You sense that the "Fox And Friends" team is stupefied. You also sense that it's hard for the entrenched to debate across the philosophic aisle. Both sides are so attached to their sense of right that neither will give way.

Still, some might enjoy the small list of corrections at the end of this segment, including: "The periodic table is not about lady's stuff."