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On 'SNL,' Kanye hates on Gaga Apple store genius

On Saturday Night Live, Kim and Kanye have a talk show. They interview an Apple Store employee. And, oh, it doesn't go well. After all, they're called geniuses, aren't they? And, wait, who's that playing the Apple genius?

Less of a genius than Kanye? NBC/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

When two geniuses meet, there is inevitably friction.

So on "Saturday Night Live," when the world's biggest (self-proclaimed) genius was confronted with Karen, who works for Apple, you knew that resentment would spew.

The rather mousy, nerdy woman from the Apple store sat calmly as Kanye fumed at her: "You do not deserve the title of 'genius!'"

"Mark Zuckerberg is a genius. I am a genius," he explained. Oddly, he didn't mention Steve Jobs, to whom he's compared himself on more than one occasion. (Well, the real Kanye has, as opposed to the one played here by Jay Pharoah.)

You might be wondering why Kanye was talking to Karen. Well, she was a guest on his and Kim Kardashian's fine talk show, "Waking Up With Kimye."

Actually, Karen was really there to fix a MacBook Air.

It was Kim's. "I saw an Apple on it, so I dipped it in caramel," Kardashian explained helpfully.

There seemed little hope. Especially, as Kanye immediately wanted to go to the next segment.

"Frumpy white girl," he said to poor Karen from the Apple store. "Get up and get next to my fiancee!"

This was where Karen truly began to suffer. Until she fought back. She's used to difficult, possibly insane customers, after all.

Geniuses, you see, have some intelligence.

"I think people who try too hard with their outfits are maybe hiding something," said Karen, turning to Kim (played by Nasim Pedrad).

Oh, talking of trying too hard, I almost forgot. Apple store Karen was played by Lady Gaga.