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On Pi Day, Japanese propose with 0.314-carat diamonds

Pi Day is also White Day, a second Valentine's. These bands are designed to reflect a love as eternal as 3.14159...

'Won't you propose to that special someone on 3.14?' asks this Japanese ad. Brilliance +

If you're a Japanese math geek with romantic inclinations, March 14 is a big day.

Not only is it Pi Day, the international day to celebrate the mathematical constant, it's also White Day, a sort of second Valentine's Day when men reciprocate gifts received on February 14.

Japanese jewelry retailer Brilliance + is cashing in on this coincidence by mixing a love of math with love itself in its "Propose With Pi" campaign.

The idea is that men can compare their undying, eternal love for their ladies to the never-ending digits of pi -- and, of course, express that love with a 0.314-carat diamond ring.

The diamonds offered have ranged from 54,800 yen ($570) to 130,300 yen ($1,350).

Brilliance + also held a bridal fair to promote the rings and offered free engravings. Suggested inscriptions included the date that couples met, names, and, of course, a few digits of Pi.

The love of pi knows no bounds in Japan. In 2006, retired engineer Akira Haraguchi reportedly recited the constant to a whopping 100,000 digits.

In 2011, Shigeru Kondo of Iida, Nagano Prefecture, calculated its value to 10 trillion digits using a hacked-together PC.

The feat took more than a year of calculations. That's longer than some marriages last.

(Via Konkatsu News)