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On Evo 3D, Sprint adds complete control over preloaded apps

User permissions on the new flagship device indicate that the carrier may be loosening its grip on preinstalled applications and games.

Sprint makes it easy to remove 'bloatware' from the Evo 3D. Sprint

Sprint's new flagship handset, the Evo 3D, is out today and with it comes a "first" for the carrier. But I'm not talking about the 3D camera or the glasses-free 3D display, as neat as they may be.

Rather, I'm referring to the new freedom to remove preloaded software that users will get. The Evo 3D is the first Sprint smartphone to offer such capability and without forcing you to hack or root.

Often called bloatware, these preinstalled titles chosen by the carrier and handset maker to help create a unique consumer experience. And of all the major carriers, Sprint can be the worst about adding apps like NASCAR, Sprint TV, Sprint Football Live, and Sprint Navigation before shipping a handset.

While each might be valuable in its own right, Android users will generally come across other apps that better suit their needs. Until now, these apps would stay on the phone, eating up precious megabytes of storage. And as mentioned, you had to go through the long process of rooting your phone if you wanted to remove them.

All of these preloaded applications can be removed from the Evo 3D, save for Sprint ID. According to MobileBurn, Sprint made the changes for the Evo 3D as a result of consumer feedback.

By all accounts it's a good move and we hope that Sprint follows up on its talk of offering a similar experience for future handsets.