On edge about Razr phones

In addition to triggering clever headlines like "Flippin' Phone!" and "That Razr's not so sharp," news of a Razr phone glitch and the subsequent halt in sales has got bloggers both defending the popular uber thin device and ripping it as an unreliable "piece of junk."


It's just Cingular Wireless and T-Mobile, both of which use GSM or Global System for Mobile Communication networks, that temporarily stopped selling the Motorola phone this week because of a defect that causes calls to be disconnected. Razr phones on the Verizon Wireless network were not affected, because Verizon uses a different technology.

Motorola said only a limited number of the phones shipped to the U.S. market were affected by the glitch. The faulty phones were shipped on Feb. 1, and new phones without the glitch have already begun shipping. Those customers with faulty phones should contact their carriers for an exchange.

Blog community response:

"This is like my third Moto phone (V400 and V620 before the Black RAZR) and all had one issue or another. People kept telling me it was the 'user' but here is further proof it wasn't all in my head. The phone actually sucks! Still a sweet-lookin' phone though and I look cute with it. hehe"
--The Lobby

"After almost a year and a half, the Razr is still so popular that a gaffe like this (however minor it is) is sure to be played up as a major recall of the most popular phone in the U.S."
--The Wireless Report

"Bottom line--Any one can build a piece of junk, but to sell it to folks that trust the brand, well Moto needs to show some customer appreciation and replace these lemons."
--The EduBlog

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