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On a WiQuest for wireless video

WiQuest says its shipping its first Wireless Digital Video chipset to customers.

Wireless digital video connections are all the rage these days. Or at least saying you've made the appropriate chipset is. Companies keep putting out press releases promising that one day soon your television will be able to receive high-definition signals sans wires, but consumers have been, for the most part, left hanging.

WQST100/101 chipset
WiQuest Communications

Though many have claimed to be first, Texas-based WiQuest Communications says its WQST100/101 chipset is "currently shipping to customers." That still doesn't give us an actual date as to when these will be sold as adapters for TVs, game consoles or DVD players, or better yet, integrated into the aforementioned gadgets.

WiQuest uses ultrawideband (UWB) technology to send video at 1Gbps between devices, and says that it even plays nice with other protocols like Certified Wireless USB and other WiMedia-based protocols.

There will be more news about wireless specs like this at CES, so stay tuned.