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OMG OMG OMG, it's a spreadsheet!

OMG OMG OMG, it's a spreadsheet!

These are disconcerting days for math nerds. The Internet is surprisingly abuzz this morning about Google announcing a Web-based spreadsheet. And by "surprisingly abuzz," I mean, "behaving as though the Eagle has landed." For one thing, Google has not actually released a Web-based spreadsheet. It has only promised one, with a sneak peek and an invitation to sign up for a first-come, first-served look at the (inevitably beta) release itself--the timing of which is unannounced. Now, as for the spreadsheet itself: interesting. Its biggest draw is that it's shareable and can be edited by multiple people in real time, via integration with Google's IM client. And OK, I admit that I signed up for a look at the trial. It looks pretty cool. But still, people. We all knew Google was going to do a Web-based office suite of some sort, right? So I know it's exciting to find out we were right. But at some point you really have to ask yourself just how psyched you can humanly get about sums, budgeting, finances, and term-delimiting, no matter how well color-coded.