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Olympus mju-7010, FE-26, FE-4000, FE-5020: microSD machines

The Olympus mju-7010, FE-26, FE-4000, FE-5020 are not only colourful but pack decent-sized zooms. But why oh why is Olympus so stuck on microSD?

Olympus has announced the mju-7010, FE-26, FE-4000 and FE-5020 compact cameras. Each comes finished in a double-layered crystal shell of many colours, and each with a 69mm (2.7-inch) screen and some above-average zoom action.

At the top end there's the 12-megapixel 7010, pictured above, complete with 7x optical zoom. It has a wide angle of 28mm, equivalent to a 35mm camera, and optical image stabilisation.

With the 7010, and the other new models, Olympus continues to offer an alternative to xD cards, which are rubbish and smell of wee. Yet that alternative continues to be microSD. Alright, microSD cards are magical, and if you have a phone that takes microSD -- which is most of them -- you only have to invest in one type of card. But you never take the card out of your phone, whereas many people are in the habit of swapping cards in and out of cameras, especially when the USB lead evaporates after a month (seriously, that's what they're designed to do). microSD cards are just too fiddly to keep track of, let alone that dinky adaptor.

But enough about that. Other features include beauty mode and gimmicky filters such as pop art, fish-eye and pin hole. Now let's meet the other entries:


The Olympus FE-26 sports a 69mm (2.7-inch) screen and optical image stabilisation. Sadly it looks like you bought it in a sweetshop. You can get it in tasty flamingo pink, cornflower blue or cosmic black.


The Olympus FE-4000's pick'n'mix colours are pure white, dark grey, metal magenta, arctic blue and tangerine orange. It'll sport a 4x optical zom with 35mm equivalent wide angle of 26mm, and will set you back £140.


Finally, it's the souped-up 5x zoom of the Olympus FE-5020, complete with impressive 24mm wide angle. It comes in pure white, dark grey, mocha brown and ocean blue, for £170.

The new cameras will be available in August.