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Olympus mju 1010 and 1020: Spot the difference

The Olympus mju 1010 and 1020 are both 10-megapixel snappers with a whopping 7x zoom. The similarities don't end there, so we took a closer to see what the difference between them really is

The Olsen twins. Thompson and Thomson. The Mitchell bruvvers. History is littered with double acts that are near impossible to tell apart. This august line-up is joined by the Olympus mju 1010 and 1020 cameras, and frankly we just can't tell the difference.

A few manufacturers stuff their ranges with cameras so incrementally different from each other we wonder what the point is -- we're looking at you, Samsung -- but this is ridiculous. To see if we can tell these two apart, let's take a look at the specs.

Both are 10.1-megapixel point-and-shoots. Each has an equivalent 35mm focal length of 37mm, which isn't expecially wide. But this is redeemed by the fact that both zooms stretch to 260mm, which a quick calculation on both hands reveals to be a 7x zoom.

So far, so similar. Both boast face detection -- we wonder if it could tell the difference between Matt and Luke Goss? It probably couldn't tell the difference between the 1010 and 1020. Scene modes? 23 each. Panorama stitch function? BrightCapture Technology? Video at VGA resolution and 30 frames per second? Check, check, check -- twice.

So seriously, what is the difference between these two cameras? Click through the links to find out... -Rich Trenholm

Update: Read our full Olympus mju 1010 review here. 

Both sport a 69mm (2.7-inch) HyperCrystal LCD screen. They both have the same blinged-out styling favoured by the mju range. As a pair they're as slender as the Cheeky Girls.

So what is the difference? The answer lies on the next page...

There it is. See it? Plain as the nose on your face. Got it yet?

The little silver bar on the front. The 1010's bar is squared at the end. The 1020's is rounded.

Oh yeah, and the 1020 comes in black and silver. The 1010 also comes in black and silver... and in blue! A-ha! Alright, we admit that technically the 1020 isn't available in the UK yet. Over in the States it's the Stylus 1020, and features limited edition skins designed by artist Matei Apostolescu. Should the 1020 make it over here, who would do the designs? Gilbert and George, of course!