OLPC revives Give One, Get One program with Amazon.com

In addition, the touch-screen version of the XO, as well as a Linux and Windows XP dual-booting model, will be out soon.

The One Laptop Per Child project is bringing back its two-for-one deal on its low-cost laptop.

It has tapped Amazon.com to handle its Give One, Get One program, launched initially last year. Through the program, anyone can pay for two XO laptops; one is shipped to the buyer, and the other is sent to a school kid in a developing nation. It will run from late November to late December this year.


An OLPC official told PC World the group is working with Amazon because the nonprofit just doesn't have enough manpower to handle the program.

In other OLPC news, the nonprofit also said that the delayed dual-boot version of the XO should arrive next month. Originally expected in August or September, the delivery date was pushed back.

The device will come loaded with both Windows XP and the Linux-based Sugar operating system created for the XO. The inclusion of XP stemmed from pushback that OLPC got from developing nations that wouldn't buy the laptops for its classrooms without the world's dominant OS on it.

Looking ahead, the XO maker has also said that the next version of the low-cost laptop, the XO-2, will be available beginning in the second quarter of next year. The XO-2 will have a two touch screens, and no keyboard.

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