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Mobile Accessories

Olloclip ups its lens game for iPhone 7

The company debuts a new mount system and higher-quality lenses for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.


After several years of sticking with a mount that takes clip-on lenses and better-than-average optics, Olloclip has announced a new mounting system and higher-quality lenses that debut with iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus compatibility.

Unlike its previous system, the company's new Connect mount system allows you to use any lens using the mount to attach to the clip that still fits over the top of a phone. It looks like a sturdier design, too. However, it also looks as if the clip blocks the second camera on the Plus just like every other option we've heard about.

The new lenses use multiple elements (a design that makes it easier to focus and to deliver sharper photos under more conditions) and coatings (which are generally used to reduce ghosting, flare and fringing or for protection). They'll come in three kits: Active ($120, directly converted about £97 and AU$160) and a three-magnification-level Macro Pro ($80, directly converted about £64 and AU$105), which have analogs in the existing offerings of the same names, and a new Core kit ($100, directly converted about £81 and AU$130) with the same selection of lenses as are in the 4-in-1.

The system is expected to ship in November.