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OLED wallpaper may replace lightbulbs by 2012

U.K. company Lomox has developed an ultra-efficient OLED film that could lead to LED wallpaper to light up a room.

LED wallpaper
Lomox isn't the first to think up light-emitting wallpaper. This is another one designed by Netherlands graduate student Jonas Samson.

I've never really liked that dangling lamp in my room, as I've always had a niggling concern it might brain me while I'm blissfully counting the zzzs in bed. Happily, Lomox, a U.K.-based OLED development company, has an answer. It's developed an ultra-efficient OLED film that could possibly replace conventional fluorescent light bulbs with LED wallpaper by 2012.

The government-backed nonprofit Carbon Trust--which provides support to businesses working on low-carbon technologies--has awarded Lomox about $694,000 to work on the technology.

According to the Welsh company, these light-emitting wallpapers are not only flexible, but require very low voltage (between 3 and 5 volts) to light up. They also have a longer shelf life than fluorescent lamps and are more efficient. For home users, this could cut down on the rising monthly tariffs and carbon footprints. Sounds like a winning plan already. Too bad I'll have to wait another couple of years for this to roll out before I can chuck my lamp.

(Source: Crave Asia via Dvice)