OLED, 3D displaying the future

Ceatec exhibitors show off prototype displays for our mobile devices and televisions, including display measuring just 0.3 millimeter thick.

Sony's prototype 0.3-millimeter OLED display. Erica Ogg/CNET News

CHIBA, Japan--Sony has an entire wall of its 11-inch XEL-1 OLED TVs set up here at Ceatec 2008, but in contrast with past gadget shows, it's not the only company showing off OLED prototypes.

Panasonic may have said earlier this week that OLED is still far from becoming a mass-produced mainstream technology for use in big-screen TVs, but other electronics makers are plowing ahead with their own research on the organic, thin film technology: NEC, Sony, and KDDI showed off what they've been doing with OLED in their research labs.

Sony, of course, continues to press ahead its OLED research and development, showing a flexible OLED display as thin as a playing card, as well an OLED TV that's even thinner than its current XEL-1. The prototype measures just 0.3 millimeter thick.

KDDI is going in a slightly different direction, looking to take OLED smaller and mobile. The mobile phone company showed an OLED display measuring 3.1 inches and meant for mobile devices. It's just a prototype for now.

Another theme here at Ceatec is 3D displays. Sure, Panasonic is showing its 3D high-definition home theater using a giant TV, but you still need 3D glasses to get the stereoscopic effect. NEC is showing a 9-inch LCD display a 3D image without the need for those silly plastic frames. KDDI also had its own 3D LCD display measuring 3.1 inches and for use by mobile devices. Also no need for 3D glasses.

Of course, while these are really cool concepts, they're still in the thick of development and it will be years before we see mass production of any of them.

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KDDI OLED mobile
KDDI prototype 3.1-inch OLED for mobile devices. Erica Ogg/CNET News
NEC's 3D LCD display. No plastic glasses required. Erica Ogg/CNET News

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