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Old school controller: MadCatz Arcade GameStick for Xbox and PC

Mad Katz announces a retro-style joystick for the Xbox/360/PC

Nostalgia addicts will be thrilled with MadCatz's new retro-minded controller. The MadCatz Arcade GameStick for the Xbox, Xbox 360, and PC is an arcade controller with large Atari-styled joystick and a small spinner stick. The large stick can be used like a traditional arcade joystick for controlling games like Street Fighter and Frogger, while the spinner stick can be used just like the old arcade spinners for games like Tempest. The Mad Catz Arcade GameStick ships in December with a suggested retail price of $50. The joystick comes with three Xbox Live Arcade games: Konami's classic games Frogger and Time Pilot, as well as Popcap's not-so-retro Astropop.