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Olasonic PC speakers review: They're good eggs

While the Olasonic TW-S7 speakers have some sound limitations, they have an eye-catching design, sound decent enough at close range, and offer the convenience of USB power from your notebook or desktop computer.

Olasonic's TW-S7 USB-powered speakers retail for $99.99 and come in black or white. Olasonic

The first thing you'll notice about the compact Olasonic TW-S7 PC speakers is that they have a unique, eye-catching egg-shaped design. As far as colors go, you can go with black or white, and both versions have a nice glossy finish and come with circular rubber stands that keep the speakers standing, cupping the speakers like an egg holder does. They stand a shade less than 6 inches tall.

We liked their design and also liked the fact that these are USB-powered speakers, which means you just plug them into a USB port on your Windows or Mac PC and you're good to go, no power adapter required.

However, they also come with all the downsides of USB-powered speakers. USB just doesn't provide much power to drive the speakers. Also, there's no volume control on the speakers themselves; you control it through the volume control on your computer.

For most people, this won't be a problem (a lot of people now adjust volume exclusively via the volume control on their computer's keyboard), but for folks who like to control their PC speakers' volume from the speaker itself, it's worth mentioning.

We should also note that there's no headphone jack or line input either. That means these really are PC-only speakers--don't expect to use them to listen to an iPod or smartphone, for instance.

Read the full review to find out how the Olasonic TW-S7 speakers sound.