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OkCupid's mobile redesign gives daters a new way to sort through profiles

Stacks will let daters see who's new to OkCupid, and who's serious.

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OkCupid's stacks

OkCupid is introducing Stacks.


OkCupid has a new way for online daters to find potential matches. 

In a mobile app redesign being rolled out globally, OkCupid will sort profiles into "stacks," or categories daters can browse through, including "nearby," "online" and "recommended." "Match %" is slated for the future. Other categories accessible to paid subscribers include profiles of folks new to the site and popular.  

"We know that daters are looking for different things at different times, and we want to empower people on OkCupid to choose their own preferences as they match on what matters to them," said OkCupid CEO Ariel Charytan in a statement Wednesday.

Another category available to all is called Question Pros. These are the profiles of daters who've answered a higher number of the platform's questions (which cover everything from whether you pay the extra 50 cents to get guacamole at a Mexican restaurant to whether you'd date someone from a different political party). OkCupid's argument is that this stack shows "higher-intent daters," meaning folks who are actually looking for relationships.

Stacks roll out this week.