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Oh, the Macalope's aching, be-horned head...

Rob Enderle quoted in the New York Times.

Oh, gray lady, what depths have you sunk to that you feel you must quote Rob Enderle?

Rob Enderle, president of the Enderle Group, a market research firm in San Jose, Calif., was skeptical of the store credit.



"A $100 credit could be perceived as adding insult to injury," said Mr. Enderle, noting that store credits are seldom well received.

Compared to what? Nothing? The Macalope's not sure you're completely familiar with the term "adding insult to injury", Rob. And again with the passive tense? Passive/aggressive much?

"It's a way to make you go buy something else, and gives the company a chance to make more money. People might still feel like they were screwed."

Frankly, most iPhone early adopters were already Apple customers. Hell, who doesn't own an iPod? Even if they weren't, it's highly likely that the high customer satisfaction rates for the iPhone might just entice them to consider another Apple product.

But the whole piece is rather silly and then to find Mr. Enderle in it... that's adding insult to injury.