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Oh. Oh. Oh. The web is pinching pornographers. And it's hurting

The freedom that the web offers is now hurting the pornography business.

I am indebted to Wired for raising something very painful.

The hauteurs and auteurs of pornography are feeling the pinch.

And the pillars of the pornographic community (I am not sure if they have a Facebook group) are beginning to admit that it isn't just the economy that is squeezing their bottom lines.

Paul Fishbein, founder of Adult Video News (a group thing that protects, so to speak, trade interests) identifies the web as a source of commercial agony.

"There's a battle with pirated or free material on the internet," he told Wired. "Much like the music industry, adult [movie] producers are trying to figure out how to stem free or pirated content."

(I am as grateful as you that Wired added the word 'movie' in there.)

Henry David Thoreau explains things so well. ktylerconk

Not for a moment would I expect Steve Jobs to suddenly leap into this market and alter the meaning of downloading for ever.

But I know many would see this as one of the web's great moral victories.

In part because of Mr. Fishbein's hideously unAmerican belief that he and his members should be able to stem something that is free.

For years, critics might say, adult (movie) producers preyed upon the strengths of some and the weaknesses of many.

They sought to do it as cheaply as possible and to produce too many adult (movies) that debased rather than uplifted.

And now, in a business sense, they are beginning to experience the pain associated with being a bottom feeder.

Technology has pushed the world in many new directions and suddenly people not only can just do it for themselves, but distribute it themselves too.

Despite Mr. Fishbein's plaintive cries, this is not such a parallel with the music industry.

It is not as if people are choosing to download and share the harpsichord sonatas of Owen Thomas rather than the latest rumbling ruminations of Radiohead because they believe Mr. Thomas's music to be equally joyous.

They are simply saying to the adult (movie) producers: "We're just as good as you." Or as bad, depending on your artistic and moral perspectives.

I am told by those who frequent free online adult (movie) entertainment that the quality is constantly improving. From a very base low. Um, I mean, low base. I think I mean both.

It's funny, in writing about this stuff I'm wondering whether to offer any links. Ach, no. I am told by my handlers that readers here are far ahead of me, technologically speaking.

Aren't you?