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Oh my god, they put 'South Park' online!

Every episode and 3,000 clips of the popular Comedy Central cartoon are now being offered online.

South Park Studios

South Park fans rejoice, every episode of your favorite show is now available online, legally, via South Park Studios.

This central location for all things South Park is host to every single full episode of the show and around 3,000 embeddable video clips. It's not really clear why you are not able to embed the full episodes as of right now and their reach may suffer as a result. I'm not going to knock South Park Studios too hard for this since it is offering up its whole catalog for viewing, which is a major step. But embeddable full episodes seems like a logical feature and one that would be easy to implement since you can already embed clips.

South Park Studios

South Park Studios is doing a lot of things right, like offering up its entire catalog for viewing, unlike some of the other big names (Heroes, The Office), who only offer a few of their most recent episodes. This is bad news for less-than-legal sites, like Alluc, which lists South Park as its most-viewed TV show.

This is a really exciting time for Web video and, with more big names like South Park embracing it, we are really moving toward a world where it's not frustrating to get your entertainment.

Check out one of my favorite South Park clips after the jump.